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[GER] CSS3 Blur Filter Test

Yesterday night I did some coding on CodePen and played around with the CSS3 Blur Filter. I recorded it just for fun and put it up on YouTube. If you speak german, feel free to watch me struggling. If not, you can still take a look at the result on CodePen.

Screencast: Example for using a vertical media query

Hey guys, I just recorded my first english speaking screencast. Normally I’m just writing and reading english so that was really odd for me and I was a little bit nervous. So forgive me for mumbling all the time. I promise improvement.

But I have to say that I like the screencast format very much and I have to get better at speaking english anyway. So bear with me here, please. :D

I did the recording with QuickTime so the quality is not as good as I would love it to be. If I do this more often I’ll purchase a dedicated screencasting app.